Monthly Tutorial #5


Date/ October 18 (Sun) 13:00 – 17:00
Veue/ Kyoseikan, Hiyoshi Campus, Keio University


13:00 How to apply to UN, Dr. Wataru Ohira, (The University of Tokoyo)
13:15 How to make a good personal relationship in ADB, Dr.Hiroyuki Miyazaki (The University of Tokoyo)

Review Report of the Summer School in Phangan
13:45 Organic Insect
14:00 Coconut/Fishery
14:15 English Education
14:30 Coraleaf Protection
14:40 Animal

Progress report
14:55 Break
15:15 Early Warning System
15:25 Cellphone Log Analysys
15:35 UAV
15:45 Seamless-L.B.C.
15:55 Urban Mapping
16:05 Agricultute Intelligence
16:15 Basestation Netwark
16:25 Publick Health
16:35 Sports
16:45 Tokyo 2020

We Did All.


G-SPASE – AIT Workshop in Ko Pha Ngan
Total 40 paticipants joined the workshop in Phangan Island with the University of Tokyo, Keio University, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, The Graduate School of Project Design, and Asian Institute of Technology. 10 participants ware from AIT. We tried to find the issues of Phangan Island and find the solution with IT and Space technology. It was a great success. We have decided to have this workshop next year. Thanks for AIT staff and students not only participation but also workshop arrangement, translation, support Japanese participants. I realized that the all students were improved a lot with this workshop.

G-SPASEサマークール in パンガン島

G-SPASE Summer Workshop 2015 at AIT

AIT Workshop by Dr.Kohtake on 13th September 2015. It was very good discussion for new idea for GNSS application. Also we had leadership seminar by Dr.Fukuhara. More than 50 students joined this workshop.










GNSS Lecture Part II for G-SPASE Summer Lecture 2015 at AIT

GNSS Lecture Part II for G-SPASE Summer Lecture 2015 at AIT by Dr. Kubo on 11th and 12th of September, 2015. AIT students learned RTK process and conducted field experiment in AIT campus.



















Monthly Tutorial 4

MT_4Date/   September 13 (Sun) 13:00 – 18:00
Veue/   Seminar Room 4 on the 2nd floor of Etchujima Hall at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology 14)
Near station:
5min. Etchujima (JR Keiyo line)
10min. Monzen-nakacho (Metro Tozai/Oedo line)
12min. Tsukishima (Metro Yuurakucho/Oedo line)


13:00    Guest Speakers, NRI Mr. Sato
Approaches to develop the new space industry -from “NewSpace 2015″ in Silicon Valley-

14:00  Progress Report and Cross Review
14:20  Early Warning System
14:40  Cellphone Log Analysys
15:00  UAV
15:20  Seamless-L.B.C.
15:40  Urban Mapping
16:00  Agricultute Intelligence
16:20  Basestation Netwark
16:40  Publick Health
17:00  Sports
17:20  Tokyo 2020