2017 3rd Monthly Tutorial

2017.06.18 13:00 - 17:30

  • CATEGORY: Monthly Tutorial

The 3rd Monthly Tutorial was held on June 18th at the University of Tokyo Marine Science and Technology on the theme “Why do Projects Fail?”

 First, we had Ms. Teruka Sumiya, master’s student at Keio University, introduce the summary of Mr. Gen Fukushima’s lecture “Logical Thinking & Project Management” from the 2nd Monthly Tutorial. From her working experience repairing wells in Uganda, she shared about logical thinking applied in developing countries explaining how information one can extract differ by the way one asks a question. Generating   good question sentences are very important. The answers maybe categorized into “emotion,” “opinion” and “fact.” To understand the problem holistically, she mentioned tools such as logical trees, MECE and sky-umbrella-rain frameworks are handy but most critical is to analyze issues based on “facts.”

 Next, we had Mr. Masahiro Fukuhara from Institute for a Global Society give a passionate lecture titled “What are the factors determining the success of a project?” He introduced his success experience in Wall Street New York when working on a currency overlay business, how his success collapsed after the Lehman Crisis and how he began to realize the importance of “competency.” “Does the star inspire you?”, “Does the star challenge yourself?” and “Does the star give you the direction you should pursue?” are questions you would like to ask yourself in defining project success, he emphasized. Competencies are acquired only when one become conscious of one’s competency and gain experience on top of that.    

     After that, we had Professor Koshio Atsushi from Graduate School of Project Design talk on the theme “Introduction to Project Design and Entrepreneurship.” For the project to succeed, he stated that the key is to never give up. Introducing talents like Steve Jobs and Alan Kay, he spoke about a planning method called “backcasting.” He also explained the difference between academic research and business projects.

 In the latter part of the tutorial, team leaders of student research projects shared their annual project plan. Towards the 4th Monthly Tutorial, faculties will review the plan and sophisticate its contents.

Ms. Teruka Sumiya・Keio University

Mr. Masahiro Fukuhara・Institution for a Global Society


Professor Atsushi Koshio・Graduate School of Project Design