G-SPASE challenges in solving social issues and expands network through education.

For students who are considering to participate in the G-SPASE program, please refer the following Q&A.

Q1.How can I join the monthly tutorial?
A1. We welcome anyone who is willing to attend the seminar. It is free of charge. However, the capacity of the room is limited so please contact the program office in 1 week advance.
Q2. How can I participate in the G-SPASE program?
A2. The G-SPASE program is designed to meet the demands of the 5 universities. However, we want to be flexible in accepting new students. Please contact the program office for further discussion.
Q3. What language is used in the G-SPASE program and in laboratories?
A3. Monthly tutorials are conducted in both Japanese and English. We invite guest speakers from foreign countries. Communication in English is encouraged among faculties and students. The management of each laboratory differ. Please contact the faculty member for further assistance.
Q4. How can I obtain information for studying abroad students?
A4. Details are on the web site of each universities. Please contact the faculty member for further assistance.


Graduate School of System Design and Management, Keio University
GESTISS/G-SPASE Office, Naohiko Kohtake Laboratory