2017 G-SPASE received the Good Design Award

2017.10.04 00:00


(G-SPASE Student Voice Promotion Video basically in Japanese)

The G-SPASE program was awarded the 2017 GOOD DESIGN AWARD by the Japan Institute for Design Promotion.

Education・Promotion・Support Method

Award-winning Service:
Human Resource Development Program [Human Resource Development Program to Solve Social Problems with Space Systems for Realizing Global Learning and Growth]

"Global Human Resource Development Program Designed to Solve Social Issues using Space Applications," emphasizes considering the entire life cycle from social task discovery to solution proposal and implementation. The program consists of Collaboration Projects, Monthly Tutorials, Summer School and Workshops. Students develop skills, knowledge and competencies through self-study, semi-education and self-realization education phases. We attract more than 100 students each year and over 30 % are international students. Graduates are active in various positions both in Japan and abroad.

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