2017 7th Monthly Tutorial

2017.11.12 13:00 - 17:30

  • CATEGORY: Monthly Tutorial

The 7th Monthly Tutorial was held on November 12th (SUN) at Komaba Research Campus, the University of Tokyo. The theme was “How to Convey Effective Communication??” 11 participants joined the tutorial.  

First, Takumi Hosomi, Master Student of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, reviewed the 6th Monthly Tutorial “What Value Should We Protect in the Age of Automation?” Next, Dentsu, Space Laboratory Creative Director Kenji Oda gave a lecture on "Creative Communication & Presentation Skill in the Aerospace Industry." He introduced the communication created by Dentsu and more than 6000 collaborative entities and explained how the communication they produce reach people’s heart.  Creative communication hasn’t changed its form in the sense that they are the combination of “pictures”, “music” and “words.” He passionately emphasized that imagining the “feeling” and “impression” of the counterpart is vital in realizing effective communication. 

The 8th Monthly Tutorial held in December will be the last in the 2017 fiscal year. An internal competition of the student project will be held and those who were selected will present their research project at the 2016-2017 Annual Meeting which will be held on February 22nd (THU) at Mita Campus, Keio University. Wataru Ohira Researcher explained the presentation evaluation criteria and the students reported what they will be presenting to the audience. Please enjoy the final outcome of the G-SPASE program.

Kenji Oda, Dentsu, Space Laboratory Creative Director 1

Kenji Oda, Dentsu, Space Laboratory Creative Director 2

Kenji Oda, Dentsu, Space Laboratory Creative Director 3

Wataru Ohira Researcher, The University of Tokyo, Explanation of the Final Presentation